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From: David Pickett

Everyone knows that the way to position your site on the first page of google’s search results is with unique content and lots and lots of one-way backlinks.

HandSpun PLR - Hand Spun PLRBut we also know that getting those backlinks is time consuming, mind numbingly boring and expensive, both in time and $$$.

One of the best way to harvest backlinks is with article marketing, in fact Search Engine Optimization Experts Agree That The Number One Tool In Their Arsenal of Marketing Tactics Is Article Marketing…

But article marketing has it’s problems.

  • It is expensive, continually hiring authors to write articles.
  • Google demands unique content, so each article is only really good for one backlink.
  • Re-writing each article for more backlinks takes up valuable time you could be using to create more money making sites.
  • Paying someone to do re-writes again and again is incredibly expensive and could be the difference to a successful site and a complete flop!

So What Can You Do?

We’ve already agreed that article marketing is an immensely powerful tool for internet marketers but we need to find a cheap and easy way to make our content go further.

We need a way to squeeze hundreds or even thousands of valuable backlinks from each article.

And there is a way… It’s called “Article Spinning’.

What is article spinning?

Article spinning is the process of taking one article and creating lots of different unique versions of it by swapping synonyms throughout the article.

So, if we use this sentence as an example;

That animal is a cat.

We can change the word cat to dog, and we have a complete new sentence.

By using special characters we can expand that to create multiple variations of the sentence. So, by adding a few more words and some special characters we can end up with

{That|The} {creature|animal} is a {cat|dog}

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So How does it help me?

We can take that sentence and either run it through some special ‘spinning’ software or submit it to article directories and they will ‘Spin’ it all up to create unique versions.

In the case of the example sentence you could extract;

  1. The animal is a cat
  2. That animal is a cat
  3. The creature is a cat
  4. That creature is a cat
  5. The animal is a dog
  6. That animal is a dog
  7. The creature is a dog
  8. That creature is a dog

So from just one short sentence you have created eight new sentences.

Can you imagine how many totally unique articles you can create when you take the time to spin up just one full article?

And why will that help your site?

Well, search engines will regard each version of this article as a unique article, so when you submit to article directories, Google and the other search engines will see that every single article as unique and credit your money site with a backlink.

And the more backlinks you have the higher up the search rankings your site will go.

Easy eh?…

Well, to be honest, no it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong, article marketing IS the single most effective marketing tool available online, and spinning articles IS the best and most cost effective way to squeeze content and backlinks from your articles, but…

Spinning an article up is plain hard work (and boring beyond belief!)

Going one-by-one through each synonym, selecting a suitable alternative, then making sure that the new synonym is good English and doesn’t alter the meaning of the sentence, is possibly the most tedious aspect of marketing that you will ever encounter.

Of course there are tools which will help you do this, and some of them are fantastic… but even with the software it is STILL time consuming and dull.

And don’t be fooled by the claims of some software manufactures that you can just click a single button and your article will be spun up. While there is software that will do this the resulting articles it churns out are at best pigeon English but most often completely unreadable.

Here is the previous paragraph after it has been through a one-click spin;

And also do not always be fooled by means of the actual statements associated with a number of program makes that you could only check out a individual switch along with your report will likely be unique way up. Whilst there is certainly software program that may do that the ensuing content articles the idea churns away are generally with ideal pigeon UK however most generally absolutely unreadable.”

Hmm, what do you think the chances are that EzineArticles or ANY article directory will accept an article like that? Slim, to say the least.


Suppose that you discovered somewhere that would write you a brand new, unique, keyword rich article, and then thoroughly spin it up, so that every single spun article reads as well as the first, and was unique enough that it would pass through Copyscape, Dupecop and most importantly, EzineArticles. Would you use it?

This was why we created HandSpun PLR”

What every Internet Marketer is looking for is a way to make what we do easier, more streamlined and where possible more effective.

HandSpun PLR, provides exactly that. It takes a concept that has been proven to be massively effective, and makes it quick and simple to implement and a 100 times more effective.

So What IS HandSpun PLR?

HandSpun PLR - Spun by humans, for humansUsing only native English speaking authors we create a unique set of articles all related to a high demand niche, for example; ‘Valentines Day’, ‘Hot Christmas Gifts’, ‘Weight Loss’ or ‘Get out of Debt’, in fact, any niche where customers are clambering to spend money.

Each of the articles is thoroughly researched and packed with keyword rich content.

We then take each article, and again using only native English speaking staff, completely spin it up to a very minimum 51% uniqueness, (Google classes anything over 30% as unique content)

The spun articles then go for editing and checking. Once again we use only native English speaking editors for this task. They go through each spun article, word-by-word to make sure that the sentence, paragraph and article still makes perfect sense and that each derivative article reads as though it was hand crafted.

“…The Most Cost & Time Effective Way To Build Traffic, Authority And Relevant Links… In The Shortest Possible Time.”

So why are HandSpun PLR packs right for you?

Save Money

  • No more paying ghost-writers
  • No more expensive re-writes
  • No monthly membership fees


  • Save yourself countless boring hours writing, rewriting and spinning.
  • Nothing to join – no forced membership site or ‘Exclusive’ club.


  • No effort for you to produce 100′s of unique, well written articles.
  • Get 1000′s of easy one-way backlinks.
  • Rocket your site onto the first page of Google


  • Create endless amounts of unique content for using with;
  • Article Directories
  • Blog Networks
  • Your own Money Site
  • Hub-pages
  • Squidoo
  • Web 2.0
  • Lots more places.

Make Money

  • Almost 90% of all clicks go to the sites on the first page of Google
  • Use the endless hours you save to create more cash generating sites.

“This isn’t A Gimmick, Or A Trick, Or Some Kind Of Loophole…”

Here’s What’s You Get With HandSpun PLR…

Each pack contains:

5 x unique hand crafted, keyword rich, niche related articles of around 500 words in MS Word format.

5 x article in plain text format.

5 x [spin] [/spin] format, suitable for Free Traffic System etc.

5 x {|} format, suitable for SeoLinkVine, Jet Submitter, Article Submit Auto, Automatic Article Submitter, etc.

5 x (~) format, suitable for AM Automation, etc.

5 x {~} format, suitable for My Article Network, Article Marketing Automation, etc.

5 x [|] format, suitable for spin distribute, etc.

1 x instructions for gaining the most from your HandSpun PLR pack.

“If You Are Using Article Marketing You Would Be Insane Not To Use HandSpun PLR”

How Can You Keep HandSpun PLR Packs Unique If Thousands Of Successful Marketers Are Buying Them?

We are very conscious of the effects that over subscribing could have on the power of these article packs, we have seen it with other PLR Companies. Too many subscribers can damage your business!

For this reason we have decided that no matter how popular they are, each HandSpun PLR pack will only be available in a strictly limited edition of fifty, which will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. We guarantee that once fifty have been sold, then that pack will be removed from the market and NEVER SOLD AGAIN.

The Power Of HandSpun PLR Packs Will Not Be Watered Down.

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HandSpun PLR

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